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3 Advantages of Digital X-Rays

At Greentree Dental we're proud to offer the latest technology for our patients. Part of this technology is the use of digital x-rays. Our patients enjoy truly incredible advantages which literally impact their health, medical care, and office experience. 

Our Top 3 Reasons to Love Digital X-Rays

Reduced Radiation Exposure

One of the most exciting developments with digital x-ray technology is the fact that it drastically reduces our patients' exposure to radiation. In fact, patients experience 70% to 90% less radiation! It's amazing. For patients with health concerns and/or ongoing exposure to radiation, this is critical to their health. We are thrilled to provide this technology for them.

Enhanced Image Quality

Another beauty of digital x-rays is that the image quality is far superior.  As such, it allows the dentist to view a patient's teeth in much greater detail and catch potential problems as early as possible.  One reason for this is the simple fact that the x-ray images can be edited. We can adjust their brightness and contrast which lets us refine the viewable image.  Even better, the image can be enlarged which allows us to "zoom in" and see more detail.

Improved Patient Care Networking

X-rays have always been a shareable tool used between medical professionals for the sake of the patient.  Because of the digitization of these images, x-rays can be shared immediately with other specialists.  This saves time for both the patient and their physicians.  Therefore, treatment options can be pursued with greater speed and accuracy due to this technology.  Hard copies of the images can, of course, be printed on demand when needed.  But the option of sending x-rays to another healthcare specialist is just a few clicks away.The list of digital x-ray advantages goes on and on.  Because of this technology, we can care for our patients with greater efficiency and detail, safeguard their health, and ensure the best possible dental care available.  We're thrilled to be a partner in your oral health and we look forward to improving your office experience with the latest technology available.

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