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Top 5 Best Dentists in Upper Arlington, Ohio for Outstanding Dental Care

Choosing the best dental care in Upper Arlington, Ohio, involves navigating through various options to find quality, expertise, and patient satisfaction. From general to specialized dental treatments, the area boasts notable practices that meet diverse family needs.

This guide highlights the top 5 best dentists in Upper Arlington, emphasizing their service quality, patient feedback, and offerings.

1. Greentree Dental Group | 2027 Henderson Rd | Website

General Dentistry – Cosmetic Dentists – Endodontists

At the top of our list is Greentree Dental Group, located in the heart of Upper Arlington. This practice stands out for its use of the latest technology, advanced treatment techniques, and a team of highly skilled clinicians. 

Recognized by Columbus Monthly Top Dentists 2021, Greentree Dental offers everything from pediatric and family care to lifetime tooth replacement, one-visit dental crowns, Invisalign® orthodontic care, and sedation dentistry. Their approach ensures that every visit is personalized, making every patient's experience comfortable and tailored to their needs.


  • Team of seasoned professionals delivering precision care for all ages.
  • Wide range of services covering preventive care, cosmetic enhancements, and complex restorative work, providing solutions for every stage of life.
  • Focus on gentle, compassionate care highlighting their commitment to each patient's best interests.
  • Featured in Columbus Monthly Top Dentists 2021.
  • Monthly membership available for patients without insurance.


  • High demand for services may lead to longer wait times for appointments.

2. Arlington Dental Group | 3380 Tremont Road | Website

General Dentistry – Cosmetic Dentists

Securing the second spot on our list is Arlington Dental Group, located on Tremont Road. This practice stands out for its complete health dental philosophy, focusing on preventing oral diseases to ensure lifelong healthy smiles. Led by the Drs. Fair and Vaidya, Arlington Dental Group is dedicated to becoming your advocate for total health and wellness, offering a range of services from general dentistry to cosmetic enhancements.


  • Emphasizes complete health dentistry, linking oral health with overall well-being.
  • A wide array of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental services.
  • Utilizes cutting-edge technology for effective treatments and patient comfort.


  • Limited information on potential wait times for appointments.
  • Details on pricing and insurance compatibility could be more transparent, affecting those with budget constraints.

3. Chad Cacchio, DDS | 1700 W Lane Ave | Website

General Dentistry – Emergency Dentistry

Landing at number 3 is Chad Cacchio, DDS, a practice that blends professionalism with compassion to create a relaxed, comfortable patient atmosphere. Located at 1700 W Lane Ave, Dr. Cacchio leads his team in offering top-notch dentistry services. From general dentistry to emergency care, the practice is dedicated to ensuring the best dental services with a personal touch.


  • Personalized care from a dedicated team, ensuring a genuine, warm, and respectful treatment experience.
  • State-of-the-art dentistry focused on preventing oral diseases and promoting long-term oral health.
  • Emergency services available.


  • Having a single dentist can limit appointment availability and flexibility.
  • The focused approach of one dentist, though offering highly personalized care, may restrict the breadth of services available at any given time.

4. Hoffman Dental | 1600 Fishinger Road | Website

Cosmetic Dentistry – General Dentistry

Hoffman Dental secures the fourth spot with its exceptional dental experience, emphasizing families and using leading-edge technology for all its services. Situated at 1600 Fishinger Road, Hoffman Dental distinguishes itself with a family-first approach, ensuring every family member receives the best care possible. From cosmetic enhancements to preventative and restorative care, their experienced team guarantees smiles and comfort for their patients, serving the Columbus, Hilliard, and Upper Arlington communities.


  • Strong emphasis on family-first dentistry ensures a welcoming environment for patients of all ages.
  • Leading-edge technology and techniques, including Invisalign, for effective and efficient treatment.
  • A comprehensive approach to dental care, from preventive to restorative and cosmetic services, backed by a dedicated and experienced team.


  • The specific focus on advanced cosmetic and restorative treatments may come at a higher cost, potentially impacting affordability for some patients.
  • Pediatric dentistry not offered.

5. Fishinger Dental | 3560 Fishinger Blvd | Website

Orthodontists – Cosmetic Dentists

Fishinger Dental captures the fifth spot on our list, known for its orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry. With a reputation for quality and compassionate care, Fishinger Dental promises a healthy smile that boosts confidence and overall well-being. Offering services ranging from dental implants to sedation dentistry and clear aligners, this practice ensures every patient's dental needs are met with the utmost attention to detail and personalized care.


  • Offers a broad spectrum of dental services, including orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry, to cater to diverse patient needs.
  • Monthly payment plans available.


  • Specialization in advanced cosmetic and orthodontic treatments may make services less accessible to patients seeking more basic or affordable dental care.
  • While you can request an appointment online, you cannot book one directly.

Conclusion: Choosing the Best Dental Care in Upper Arlington

Finding the right dental practice is important for maintaining oral health and ensuring a bright smile. We designed this overview of the top 5 dentists in Upper Arlington to help streamline your decision-making process by highlighting the quality of care, diversity of services, and patient feedback.

Greentree Dental leads our recommendations with its broad services, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to patient care, setting a benchmark for dental excellence. But, finding a dentist that aligns with your specific needs is what’s most important, and we hope this list assists you in making an informed choice. 

We encourage you to explore these top practices for your dental needs, moving closer to optimal oral health.

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