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Oral Cancer Screening Made Simple

Any type of cancer is scary, and no one wants to think about something like oral cancer upon visiting the dentist. That is why we provide simple oral cancer screenings at every hygiene appointment at our office.

Early Detection

With oral cancer, early detection is key.

As the sixth most common type of cancer, “nearly 50,000 Americans are expected to be diagnosed this year” according to the Academy of General Dentistry. The Oral Cancer Foundation predicts that it will claim almost 10,000 lives this year.

If your dentist can spot and begin to discuss treatment with you before the problem worsens, you have a much better chance of dealing with it before it becomes a major health risk. Although oral cancer is scary, it can be found and more quickly treated thanks to our regular screening procedure.

Our Screening Procedure

Each and every visit, we make sure to do a quick and simple oral cancer screening. We look at 10 places inside and around the mouth, looking for lumps or irregular tissue changes that could be a sign of oral cancer. Our screenings typically take less than 60 seconds and we will be sure to note and discuss with you any findings that may be concerning.

Staying Aware

Some patients want to know how to prevent oral cancer and what to watch for.

Knowing the risk factors is one great way to stay aware. Learn more in this slideshow from the American Dental Association about common risk factors. Some preventable risk factors include tobacco use, heavy drinking, and a poor diet.

You can also watch for changes in your mouth and throat. If you notice soreness, numbness, dryness, a lump, or discoloration or thickening in your mouth or throat tissue, please be sure to let us know. You can learn more in this article from the ADA about common signs and symptoms.

We Care About Your Overall Health

You may have noticed that at Greentree, we love our patients. This means that we are also deeply concerned and considerate of our patients’ overall health. We are committed to taking every procedural step we can to make sure that we are giving you the best care possible.

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