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Same Day Crowns

When you need a crown…we know that you want it to be done as quickly as possible.

That is one of many reasons why we brought CEREC technology to our office. It allows us to make precise beautiful crowns quickly so that we can get patients in and out of the office with incredible custom crowns, every time.


The CEREC technology does not require temporary crowns or impressions. This means you can skip the messy putty in your mouth, and you do not need to make another appointment in order to get your crown. Our cutting edge technology does it right the first time so that you can be in and out and on with your day.


Our CEREC technology allows us to precisely match your new porcelain crown with your natural tooth color so that it seamlessly blends with the rest of your smile. We never compromise on aesthetics, so that you never need to lose sleep about how repairing a damaged tooth will look.


We use a specialized camera to create a detailed digital map of your teeth. We then make a computer aided design to build a custom crown for you. In a matter of minutes, a set of high-speed diamond burs shapes your personalized porcelain crown so that it fits perfectly and feels natural for you.

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