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Sleep and Fitness

Most people know all too well how sleep impacts the way they feel and function each day. However, many never consider how our sleep impacts other lifestyle goals, such as physical fitness.

Building Muscle

Sleep is essential for repairing and building muscle after exercise. Without enough quality sleep, the body is not able to fully rebuild muscles and restore energy for the next workout. With proper sleep, however, regulated hormone and energy levels prepare the body for optimal performance.

Eating Well

Sleep also impacts nutrition. Without proper sleep, changed moods cause individuals to gravitate towards less nutritious foods. Poor quality sleep also slows the metabolism so that the body does not use calories effectively.

Quantity and Quality

Research shows that over one third of Americans are not getting the recommended amount of sleep. Besides getting the right amount of sleep, it is also important to get quality sleep. At Greentree, we provide hassle-free sleep evaluations to our patients. To get started, schedule a free sleep consultation that will give you more information about improving the quality of your sleep.

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