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Summer Whitening

With the sun shining, it is the perfect time to brighten up your smile. At Greentree Dental Group, we offer three different whitening options for our patients. We provide whitestrips, preloaded whitening trays, and custom whitening trays. 


Our whitestrips are our most basic level of whitening. These strips are more powerful than over the counter whitestrips, but they are not as powerful as our higher levels of whitening. They are simply placed on the surface of the teeth for easy at home whitening.

Preloaded Whitening Trays 

Our preloaded whitening trays are our second level of whitening. These flexible whitening trays come preloaded with the necessary amount of gel for whitening. This simple solution is more effective than whitestrips, but it is not as powerful as our custom whitening trays. 

Custom Whitening Trays 

Our custom whitening trays are the highest level of whitening we provide. These trays are made in-office to fit your smile perfectly. After an impression is taken of your teeth, we create flexible custom whitening trays just for you. With custom trays, you can have access to the most comfortable and effective whitening at home whenever you would like to brighten up your smile. We also provide you with the whitening gel you will need to achieve the perfect shade of white for your smile.  

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