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The Benefits of the Greentree Lab

"I like to work with my hands, and to be a part of the process of changing people's smiles."

- David Kear, Greentree Lab Technician

One unique feature of Greentree Dental Group is that we have an in-house dental lab. Our talented lab technician creates beautiful crowns, bridges, mouthguards, night guards, and many other products for our incredible patients each day. Most dental practices send requests to commercial dental laboratories that create the products to send back to the dental practice. While we greatly appreciate these laboratories, most people would never stop to consider the incredible contributions that an in-house dental lab can add to a patient’s experience.


One of the great benefits that our lab provides to patients is rapid turn-around times. Take our crown process for example. Getting a crown at most offices includes having an impression taken, getting a temporary crown made and placed for short-term use, and returning to get a final crown placed a few weeks later. At Greentree, we are able to get patients in and out in one visit. They leave our office with a precise, comfortable and natural-looking custom crown the same day. We do not spend time sending out requests and transporting products to and from an outside lab, so we are able to quickly provide our patients with optimal care.  


The Greentree lab creates seamless communication between our laboratory technician and each dentist. Our lab technician, David, has the ability to talk with the dentists directly about exactly what they are looking for so that each product aligns precisely with the needs of each patient. These face to face interactions streamline the process and help David to accurately understand how to create the perfect product every time.  


Our lab also allows us to personalize every procedure so that each patient receives the best result for their lifestyle needs. David is even able to create custom dental devices that can be used during procedures to achieve the perfect outcome.

“Every case is different and there are a lot of ways to go about each one, so having this setup is invaluable.”

- David Kear, Greentree Lab Technician

Since we know our patients well, we can consider what will work best for each individual and create beautiful products to enhance the appearance and long-term health of every smile.

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