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The Final Reveal!

We are so thrilled to announce that our expansion is finally complete! You may have had the opportunity to have a procedure in one of the new operatories already, or you may not have any idea what the new space looks like. Regardless, we invite you to check it out next time you are in the office.

Thus far, our staff and patients are thrilled with the results. The new space has a clean simple design as well as new equipment and new windows that add even more bright natural light to the office. The checkout counter creates a nice flow for the checkout experience and a new consultation room allows us to have space to have extended conversations with patients and staff.

The space frees up staff to more easily provide optimal care to patients. Preparing rooms and seating patients is more efficient, so there is less wait time. There is more space for staff members to move, retrieve necessary supplies, and communicate more effectively.

The new space has our staff excited, motivated, and free to focus on providing the best care possible. We cannot wait to share this space with you and show you around the next time you are in. If you need to schedule, simply give us a call at (614) 459-5511 and we will look forward to seeing you!

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