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The Oral Systemic Approach to Dental Care

Most individuals take care of their teeth in a traditional manner. They brush twice a day, floss occasionally and visit a dentist for yearly check ups and repairs. If a dentist discovers a cavity it is filled, a dead root they have a root canal. Recently, an alternate approach to traditional dentistry has grown in popularity. This alternative method, sometimes referred to as the Oral Systemic approach, uses a more systemic, holistic approach to dental care.

What is the Oral Systemic Approach

The Oral Systemic approach to alternative dentistry evaluates an individuals overall wellbeing physically, mentally and emotionally. An Oral Systemic dentist will use the findings of individuals overall health to then suggest and provide treatment. Unlike traditional dentistry, which takes dental health into consideration when providing treatment, the Oral Systemic approach takes a combination of many other factors to recommend treatment.

The holistic, alternative dental treatments steer away from toxic products. The belief is that toxic materials and invasive procedures will harm a persons overall wellbeing and disrupt their health. Dentists who practice oral systemic dentistry steer clear of amalgam fillings that contain mercury.

The Basics of the Oral Systemic Approach

The basic principals behind the Oral Systemic approach to dentistry are as follows:

1. Educate and provide proper nutrition to prevent and treat dental issues.

2. Avoid the use of and eliminate toxic dental materials (such as mercury fillings).

3. Prevent and treat gum disease at its basic biological level (more preventative treatments than procedures).

4. Prevent and treat basic bite problems.

The Oral Systemic approach to dentistry is seen as an alternative method and is not considered the norm for dental treatment. Many individuals turn to this method when the more traditional dentistry methods fail them in some way.

The Oral Systemic approach is also appealing for those who have fears about the dentist. This more alternative method will focus on an individual’s emotional wellbeing and will make treatments to accommodate the patient’s mental health as well as physical health.

By encompassing the mind, body, spirit, dietary needs, and environment the Oral Systemic approach strives to achieve a balance in the various systems that make us whole. This balance is essential to treating and preventing dental issues.

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